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As Elegance Carpets Ltd Co., first of all, we are seeking long-term partners, not customers, that we can trust. We describe our customers as our partners in their countries. We do not aim to sell to everyone who wants carpet. We serve as representatives for our business partners.

We directly quote competitive prices to our customers.
We export the goods as the shipper.
All communication is handled by our company.
We take responsibility for all goods sold by Elegance and we stand behind all of our goods. If there are any problems, the customer contacts us directly. We negotiate with the manufacturer to resolve any issues.
Also, ELEGANCE brings the advantage of loading from 2 or 3 different factories at the same time. We can combine the goods from 2 or 3 different factories for one customer. This gives our customers the opportunity for big savings.
When we get your order, we follow it up step by step with the factory. We make DAILY INSPECTIONS at the factories. The inspection process begins as soon as the order is in the planning stage and followed through from production, to finishing, to loading and shipment.
We currently work with big chains mainly in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Japan, India, Russia and many others. We work with picture cards, reverse rolling, special barcodes and other special shipment procedures. We have met the standards of many international inspection companies for our shipments and we always pass with great success. We are ready and able to meet the high standards of all international businesses.
Our system is like this. We receive orders directly from all of our customers on a variety of items and with a variety of detail involved, from design to manufacture to shipment.

We monitor the process daily and make inspections at every step of the process to insure quality control and on time order fulfillment. Even if there is a difficult factory to deal with, we will make it unrecognizable and achieve perfect results on your behalf.

We follow the dynamics in the market very closely and we will alert our customers of any impending price changes so that they can be prepared and manage their orders accordingly.


We sincerely thank you for the pleasant cooperation and the trust you placed in us.
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If you have any questions or comments regarding any of our products or services, please feel free to contact us.